Sunday, August 26, 2007

This post is specially about my favourite group from the seventies...
they are known as Air Supply...
i just love their songs and lyrics and just the music..

here are few of the best lines...

I'm all out of love,
im so lost witout you
i know you were right
Believing for so long,
i'm all out of love,
wat am i witout you,
i cant be too late,
to say that i was so long
Lost in love
I don't know much,
Cause i'm thinkin of love
and felt out of touch
But i'm back on my feet
eager to be what you wanted
Now i know,
I'm lost in love
I can wait forever,
If you say you'll be there too,
i can wait forever if you will,
I know its worth it all,
to spend my life in love with you..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Somehow miss chow jo-ann tagged me but im doin dis for fun

1. Each blogger must repost these rules.
2. Each blogger have to rant 8 random facts/habits of themselves.
3. List 5 ppl to be tagged.
4. Drop by their blog and let them know that they've been "TAGGED!".

8 wonderful?surprising?amazing?embarassing? just 8 random facts bout Brandon K.N.

1. Durians are like my favourite fruit..
2.I sometimes fall asleep right on my sejarah book
3.When i was young, i used to be the nerdy geek..haha
4.I love to take long and relaxing baths after a long day
5.I hardly miss school
6.Dun really care to take my medication that the doctor gives..prefer to heal all by myself
7. When i was young and still until now,my big sis and I cant never go a day without argue-ing..
8. Still clueless bout lots of things..(hus isn't?)

I'm gonna tag
1.All team-06 bloggers
2.aiya..malas la..I tag ALL READERS

Monday, August 20, 2007

The stars brighten the night

mother teresa once wrote...

People are often unreasonable
illogical and self-centered
Forgive them anyway
IF you are kind
People may accuse you of selfish uterior motives
Be kind anyway
If you are successful
You will win some false friends and real enemies
Succeed anyway
If you are honest and frank
People may cheat you
Be honest and frank anyway
What you spend years building
Someone could destroy overnight
Build anyway
If you find serenity and happiness
They may be jealous,
Be happy anyway
The good yo do today
People often forget tomorrow
Do good anyway
Give the world the best you have
And it may never be enough
Give it your best anyway
You see,in final analysis
It is between you and God
It was never between you and them anyway
well,sometimes you look at the world...its so corrupted by greed and money..wars happen cuase of money..countries not helpin other starving countries cause of money..well,maybe we just have to give it a shot to bring back some goodness into this world...
With goodness,the stars will brighten the darkness of the night and the sun will shine with honour of the day

Friday, August 17, 2007

Joy in abundance,
only happens in suddens,
Friends will be there,
when things go bare,
Few minutes is all it takes,
they"ll help you shed your mistakes,
in this cruel world,
gets worse as it twirls,
But a friendship is all it takes,
For joy,love and faith,
Honesty is the best policy,
they'll help your realised its best "to just be me"

well,just love writing poems,
so on my confirmation day bout two weeks ago...dunno why but i was kinda nervous..manage to last minute buy the perfect shirt the day met with my class gang and they were all quite we laugh and joke to get rid of the during mass..manage to lyk tok to my godpa after months of not seeing him..when to receive bconfirmation was chunted...well,my dearest teacher angela gave me the chance to give a short sharing in the i was lyk totally very honoured and straight said i was lyk bitnervous..but did it with confidence...after that,at final blessing Fr.muthu said my name then after that the archbishop said it cool it that...but it was lyk the perfect ending to my sunday skool year...i wanted to play a part in the mass but i thank God that he gave me the chance to give that was lyk wow...well,i miss all my close frens from assumption..through our confirmation year,we had more fun and got closer than all the years of being in the same class since std 1 combined...

last saturday,attended evening mass and spend abit of time with i miss u after weeks of not see-ing each other,we finally met and laugh out loud...

sunday,when for a BM seminar at Universiti Malaya...lucky rachel and hueiling went anot im on my was quite informative la...learn few things on how to do karangan etc..oi seriously wanna score in BM la...its onw of my just pass subjects and i dun wanna fail it...its so much easier to wirte essays in English la..the words just spills out on the paper but BM ah,must scratch head and think...haha..

throughout the week,theres always gonna be confusing stuff la..theres the stressful stuff..theres the best and happy times..well,its a balance life..also avril's "when your gone" is stuck in my head...

When your gone,
the pieces of my heart is missng you,
when your gone,
the face i came to noe is missing too,
when your gone,
the words i need yto hear to always get me through the day,
and make it ok,
I miss you

Saturday, August 4, 2007

"shout to the Lord all the earth let us sing,
power and majesty praise to the king,
mountains bow down and the seas will roar,
at the sound of ur name,
i sing for joy at the works of your hands,
forever i'll love u,
forever i'll stand,
nothing compares to the promise i have in you"

this song is lyk one of my favourites and really gives me a wonderful feeling..i still remember last year,when few of us suppose to do logistics and clear up,aunty pat ask us whether we wanna sing songs to pass the time,so ya,i chose this song,me,alan,patrick,nigel,few more guys sang this song..we were the "Blues Brothers"..

I'll be there for you,
when the rain starts to pour,
i'll be there for you,
Like i hv bn there before,
I'll be there for you,
cause your there for me too"
the Friends theme favourite really says alot bout true friendship..
another great song is...

"Cause everytime i look at you,
baby i see something new,
it takes me higher than before,
it makes me want you more,
i dunno wanna sleep tonite,
dreaming just a waste of time,
when i see what my lifes put me through,
i"m all bout lovin you"
"Im going home,
back to the place i belong,
and where your love has always be enough for me,
Im not running from,
no,i think u got it all wrong,
i don't regret this life i chose for me,
but these faces and these places are gettin old,
so im goin home,
im goin home"

What a week huh?

last weekend,when to penang!!
well,found out jojo,kevin,kath, and praveena all goin so i was quite happy..stop at Bukit Mertajam before goin to the island..the church was simply fantastic was really an archetactual masterpiece..i was like wow!..was there for few hours cuz it was like the meeting point for my family's once all there,we when over to the island..didnt have lunch so my parents split form the gang and when to eat at one of my favourite food shops at the Catholic Centre..then,i found out that my family wasnt goin to Bkt.Mertajam for the st.Anne's was lyk POTONG!! la..wanted to see my friends..but we finally arrived at the Leisure Cove Resort..bout 9pm,when before visiting my grandmother at Malaysia hotel,i went to eat otak-otak and oysters(was waiting for it so long time d..)..
on saturday, when to swim but enjoyed and relaxed in the jacuzzi!..
on sunday, when to the church of assumption in penang for mass,the SIC tour buses were there ya,plus wearing the Rally shirt so ya, got noticed..haha..before goin bac,went ot eat,ordered fish,crabs,prawns,damn nice wei but hands wery smelly afta eating so must go wash like mad..

yes'day,was Alan Keevan's birthday...we had a surprised birthday party f0r him..bout 30 people from taman sea and church came..when he was near secret recipe d,we all went to hide..i wonder how 7 people hid in one toilet? then 5 people in the children's adn bout 10 others cudnt find a place to hide so we covered our faces with the menus..but it was great..

after alan's party, i followed kevin,kath and patrick to church for awhile..07 team damn cool la..nyway,last minute aunty pat ask me to lead praise and worship with laura and michelle for the parents session for the form 4 people dis i agreed..i was quite nervous cuz i haven done it in a long time and my voice was kinda not i was kinda carefully singing during the P&W was quite good to do it!!

Tomorrow's my confirmation..i'll update later..goin dinner..haha...

To Be Continued...