Friday, December 28, 2007

It was really a triller!

yesterday was the annual SIC youth christmas party...

wow,it was a tiring day..met patrick and shawn in church at 10..wen to do logistics..begin to set up the equipment for the sound and audio systems..then we had some technical problem..luckily uncle mark was there to the ya,me,patrick and few guys who were setting it up,wanted to go for lunch but we had to get the final practice done..we were really hungry so after the prac bout 4pm, i rushed with carol to the mamak and finally ate a little..walk back home,had to detour to get the Santa outfit,den reach home..really my legs were shaking from tiredness..bath..wen asheelaa's den her dad drop us back in church...arrived and was asked to get few guys to help out joshua's mom set up tables and chairs for almost 300 wen everytin was ready which was almost the starting of the party,finally relax and breathe..haha..

so party started,Brian and few teammates got the party of to a great laughing start..den me,marc and sanjieev wen on stage to do the the whole crowd to do the CHICKEN DANCE...den the,the crowd damn sporting la...

after the modern age nativity play was done and thespeeches by father phillip and uncle richard was was time for the Christmas Dance created and directed by carolyn chow and i cant believe I actually danced..yup,really few of the guys were nervous backstage but once we heard the intro of the song and got on stage,the nervousness was gone..did the dance and really once it ended,we got a great respose 4m the crowd and also,just a great feeling to accomplised it..

after dinner, it was the "dancing in the lord",evelyn toh kheng lin and marc zuriel led the session and really everyone was jumping and shouting and dancing and really just singing it out loud!!!!..then we ended with 3 back to back shocking christmas songs and really we didnt wish the nite would end..

gotta meet up with my friends from the rally which came from PD and penang..met my 06 members whom i really missed..and just it was a great party..from start to the end..all the hard work and frustrations paid off..

surrounded by your glory
what will my heart feel
will i dance for you jesus
or in awe of you be still
will i stand in your presence
or to my knees will i fall
will i sing alleluia
will i be able to speak at all
i can only imagine
i can only imagine

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Funny Malaysian Humour

Wife: How many women did you sleep with before you married me?
Husband: 1) none. They all kept me awake all night
2) Let me see. One,two,three,four....

Teacher: How lod is your mother?
Matt: She is as old as i am
Teacher: How can that be?
Matt: She became my mum only when i was born
Teacher: Hmm,interesting. And what was your mother beofre her marriage?
Matt: Before her marriage,I had no mother

the middle-aged man named John sidled up to the young sweet hottie. "where have you been all my life?" he asked with a twinkle in his eye.
Lookin at him coolly,she said "Well,for half your life,i wasnt even born yet"
But he refused to give up and said "I may be old enough to be your father, but i am rich enough to be your husband.So what is your phone number?"
"it's in the phone directory" she replied
"and your name?" he asked
"it's also in that phone directory"

A six year old boy was lost in the department store.As his mother was being paged,a sotre staff asked him "was your mother walking to fast?"
he said "No,but i was..every step my mum took i had to take 3..and i became too tired to continue walking"
"but if you held on to your mum's dress,she'd have realsied that you stopped"the staff said
"My mum was wearing a mini skirt" he said "..and i couldnt reach it"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

yesterday was the end of Youth rally 07...

it has been a year since the 06 team did ours...
but the memories still stay in our hearts..
i can say that the 07 team did a hell of a good job and that they really have grown since i knew them in farewell camp..just watching them up there really amazed me and really it too brought back memories..

first wen arrived in ur church on the 1st was a tiring time getting things sorted out and oso getting people on the oso was a wonderful trip there as most of my closest rallymates were same bus with me..reach my keys for the dorm as i was a my things was a tiring but damn enjoying journey..walking up and down..shoutin to get some control of the crowd..joking and camwhoring and just having agreat was cool la..

plus one the last nite of the rally at lagenda college..after gettin the participants to the dorms and gettin them to,sanjieev,patrick,kevin,aaron and shawn headed to the nearest mamak to get the desperately needed teh tarik after all the headache...we came back round 3am and woke up round 6am..didnt get much sleep throuhgout the nites..but didnt mind tho..

before family nite...was lyk a confusion for the buses..duno wat went 110 people had to like travel in 2 buses..there was a moment where me and sanjieev plus few participants had to wonder how the heck v gonna fit almost 60 people plus their luggages into one bus..which v figured out...den off v headed to was a fun journey tho..i tell u v were all relieve when the bs entered SIC..unpack then me and sanjieev went to the mamak to get the teh O ais we were thnkin of the whole trip..familynite started..running up and ..confused bout few the point i almost broke down..but got up and finished wat i was ask to do..almost broke down becuz too much confusion..haha..then when FRIENDS was just brought back so much memories and im just thankful i have these wonderful teammates of the 06 team along with my other friends in my life...thank you so much 06 team for just you guys..

i'll raise a banner,
my lord has conquered the grave
My redeemer lives

theme of 05
"i have come to worship"
Theme of 06
"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path"
Theme of 07
"Love one another as i have loved you"