Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maybe Life Does Have Its Time

just maybe just maybe everything has its own time,
that certain things are meant to happen

welcome to wherever you are,
this is your life, you made it this far,
welcome, you gotta believe,
that right here right now
you exactly where your suppose to be
( welcome to wherever you are by BON JOVI)
You Can't Score If You Never Take The Shot

Sunday, January 17, 2010

time doesnt heal all wounds

as the world spins,
time keeps going on and on,
everyday we are told to live our lives to the fullest,
to fill it up with memories good or bad,
to fill it up with events whether success or failure,
to fill it up with happy cheerful or down hurtful experiences,
sometimes certain wounds are just harder to heal,
only time will tell..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

~form 6~

Well, it was a year and a half long but during that time, a lot of events took place and a lot of challenges to conquer and its amazing how it just happen in a short period of time…a lot of people told me that it’ll be hard and you’ll become a full-time nerd and have to just sit down study 24-7…however, that didn’t happen…instead as a form six-er, you get a lot of responsibility inside and outside class especially if involve with the form 6 council and other stuff …

im proud to be part of a form 6 council that really brought the council to a whole new level and brought good respect to the council…im thankful that I had great people in the council and a hardcore president, and together succeeded in many great events in school…plus, we are also the form 6 champions in sports among the PJ schools… and also to be part of the leaders in Hang Jebat Blue House which also gave me the opportunity to work with many great people and we manage to bring back the most number of trophies among the sports houses..

im glad of the friendships I made in form 6 and know that some will last a long time…

However, the studying part of form 6 is the killer…you literally have to study your butt off to get a good grade but overall it really just pushes you and tells you life is not an easy journey...

I am proud to say that I went through part of my studying life as a Form 6-er