Sunday, May 18, 2008

confusing aint it?

people sometimes really have a narrow-minded view of things..lets say in a community there are group A and Group B,both are like different in few ways..if you are from a group A and i am from Group B,and there are certain sensitive topic bout my group which you dont like and really in a way you dont understand,do u talk bad bout my group?..yes,i can be patient and help you through to clear the confusion,but after a good effort and i have already assured you of the matter,do u still keep the info out?..i mean i am from my group so i should noe better bout my group and wen theres "i can assure you.." in my sentence,do you still keep an close mind?..and a few days later,i can hear you tokin the bad info bout my group to a few people,the same thing i tried to assure you on few days ago bout my group..i mean what the hell..if you wanna tok oso and you try to whisper it out,pls do whisper not speak as though i cant hear your effort to whisper..wen i heard it,it made me feel like my effort to help you though the confusion really went to waste..

PS:to my dear friends who are reading this,pls dont in any way think "you" is you,the "you" in the above part of the post is a few people who i met at a work place..but i do advice you readers that if a person does not understand and just simply tok bad bout something that you know and your really sure you can assure that person the right info,pls do and if a person does not take the right info,keep asuring em bout the right info...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

random stuff...

u'll wonder whether in life are you at a pitstop or are you seems that once school is ended..two roads are shown,the road to college and another to work..working while thinkin of college can leave you in a confusion of whether you are progressing or are you stuck in life..goin to college while worrying whether you'll find a good career can leave you in a confusion and state of stress for a long time..each way you go you"ll wonder whether its the right path and whether its gonna provide a good future for you and your family members and future add-ons to the family..sometimes a thing like life can seem to sound so easy and simple but reality proves you wrong..but men would be numb if life was so simple if you really think it out..

someone once told me "sometimes its so pointless to wake up.." sometimes may seem pointless..but look at the bright side,its so pointful to wake up to be part of ur family's life,of someone's life,to bring joy and give a part of you to another person makes life so worthied...everyday you meet new people but do you realise that by just saying hello or giving a smile to a stranger,you could actually make their imagine tha joy you can bring to a stranger with a small thing,imagine the loads of joy you bring to your family and friends by being there and just being part of their lives..its so amazing how much you can contribute and how much you affect another's live by you being alive..

Saturday, May 3, 2008

im one step closer to the free road as im gonna get my licence within this week..hopefully la the driving school can work fater to process the licence..haha..sitting for the test kinda nervous..luckily and i was confident i could pass all and it happen..haha..and i was glad i was there to be a crying shoulder for a close friend of mine..

rewind back,SIC easter party..
it was a blast..i tell you after less amount of practices than we usually have,we did ourbest and gave it was cool,first was icebreakers and then p&W time then its shackling was damn cool..and of cause STOMP..after palyingaround during most of the practices for STOMP,we manage to get everything done and really i feel it was a good STOMP..haha..then dancing in the lord..

few days ago,as a teacher,i followed the kindergarden to go for a visit to the was a cool trip and the kids were fantastic..helping out kinda reminded me of the work for the Youth rallies..anyway,the parents also came so we had to call for 6 buses..and the buses were lyk tourism buses..then just hanged with the kids during the trip,its amazing to see them talk and communicate and just hang..haha..

den when for jade's party the other day...alot of people i haven seen in along time were had a fun time with evelyn,shaun,rachelle and feiyan..this people bit crazy we took pictures and really if you be patient with the camera,you can get damn funny pics of others..