Wednesday, October 1, 2008


sori guys..its been a reall long time..
been busy and really runnin around..

form 6 council is good..been busy with some upcoming projects and the group is doing fine..really enjoying being part of something cool in school..and goin nuts also..however its hard to go nuts in the class as me and bala will be the only two nuts laughing and joking while the others look at us weirdly...haha...and well,studiess is quite good except trying to catch up with a physics teacher who is moving at the speed of light whereas the rest of us still at zero velocity..shes fast but dont understand what she says..planning for the upcoming nostalgia nite is turning out ok too..

it was good to finally go back for a youth gathering...been months since i attended one and it was relaxing..Youth Rally 08 had officially been launched and its gona be something big and different and guys,sign up for proud of the 08 team as they are really a good bunch and im sure they'll do brilliantly..

the other day,the story of Liverpool FC's anthem song "You'll Never Walk Alone" came out in the newspaper and really it was so true what was said..the anthem is a ever changing emotional song which it sung as an inspiring song,a supportive song, a victory song,a song of belive and faith..its relly somethin and something special to every Liverpool fan..especially on the final stages of the Champions league,its sice to hear the crowd signing it..