Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Between Journeys

Life is like a highway..
imagine on the highway,theres obstacles such as broken down cars and giant potholes..
well,thats lifes challenges..
and in order to continue on the journey to reach our destination, we have to travel other small journeys..
we learn through each of those small journeys to get the bigger picture of the highway...
and throughout each detour we make to overcome the obstacles, we'll find our way back to the highway and we'll make it..

JOining SIC Junior Youth Ministry has been a life changin moment..and throughout that journey, i have gained beautiful friendships and memorable experiences..and it was a good feeling wen i joined them for a gathering last sunday as it was refreshing and something i have missed a long time..well,slight brakes on that journey for awhile till STPM is done..

right now,im having a damn good time in form 6, its so amazing to see how far we all have come since we entered form 6 and how each of us have grown..currently having the lower 6 orientation which have been abit sesat but damn fun time..

till another time..

Friday, May 15, 2009


exams are almost done and walawei!!IT AINT EASY WEI!!

form 6 orientation next week and whole week gonna be cool in school as theres gona be games and sports..alot of work has gone into it and hopefully everything will be smooth..

sometimes,with work and studies,is it wrong to take a breather..sometimes, just feeling lyk wanna take a long vacation and get away from the headache and stress..stress can pile up and sometimes too much can give u a headache lyk hell..and sometimes a ton of stress is added unto tons of stress,and i agree with a friend of mine when she told me "no one is a superhero"..wat to do "with great power comes great responsibility"...

3 weeks have passed,and its hard getting back to life..

Sunday, May 10, 2009


some how the world is a weird but interesting place..
although we dont realise it
everyone is someone's role modal..
sometimes self- doubts can fill a person's mind till the person forgets their strengths for awhile..and the need to search for strength makes us wanna be like other people and we forget that we have our own strengths and should just be proud with our strengths and try to overcome our weaknesses..everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and guess that the trick to life is to keep journeying life's journey and keep digging into ourselves to find ourselves and be ourselves..and by being ourselves,in a good way or two,we help others to find themselves..

Life's like a jigsaw puzzle..
you get a lil'bit from here and lil'bit from there..
a lil'bit from everywhere..
and soon,you have a masterpiece..