Saturday, October 31, 2009

just a spark

never give up on life even when its really dark
even with just a small bit of faith
things can or may turn out right..

as days go by,
just the amount of worries increase
with it, the pressure to succeed increases
sometimes its gets harder when you cant help fix it

Friday, October 23, 2009


Sometimes its just hard to handle every kind of pressure..
the pressure to live up to the past,to handle the present and live for the future..
sometimes living a city life is a big damn race of rush..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

every move counts

this post is meant for the memory of a friend of mine that pass away about a year back due to a fatal car accident and also as a friendly reminder to all fellow drivers..

about a year back,
as i was attending my cousin's birthday party..
i receive a very shocking message from a friend..
he told me that a friend of ours have been killed in a car accident..
this friend of ours was only 18 years old,had a bright future ahead of him and was a damn good footballer..

i advise all my family and friends..
driving is a privilege and its something exciting..
whenever you get behind the wheel, every move has its responsibilities..
every move counts
and every move should be taken with caution..
believe me,i too enjoy drivin at 100km/hr on the road especially when its empty..
it can really free you from your problems for awhile and it refreshes you..
but drive with the thought of safety for every other road user eventhough other people may be dangerous drivers..
progress with experience but remember that even the experienced can make mistakes..
dont drive using your guts or your luck..
but with your head and your heart..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

just keeping some sanity

pressure is mounting from every corner,
sometimes just don't know how to let it all out,
sometimes wonder if still can remember how to have fun without worrying about a great many things,
sometimes one shoulder is hard to find out of many,
sometimes not sure what to do..
life can be such a wonder..

Sunday, October 4, 2009


when life aint what you think it is,
and it aint giving you a peace of mind,
keep the faith and try to keep looking straight ahead

the return of the rally

its on once again..
the annual St.Ignatius Youth Rally..
the launching was great and great job to all involve..
team 09,keep doing what you do best..

wow,its already 4 years since one wild ride of my life begun and what changes it has brought into my life..

keep the faith and hold your head up high..

Friday, October 2, 2009

sometimes pure confusion

sometimes life can be a land full of bumpy roads..
sometimes its so easy to travel straight..
sometimes its a long Uturn to make it around the bend to continue that journey..

within a week,
i have heard about quiting from many people..
i have thought of it..
but somehow i know what doesnt kill you just makes you stronger..
we have nothing to fear but fear itself..
once we have overcomed our fear,
the world will reveiled itself in a whole new way..
when the challenge is hard and the road is long,
the temptation to quit is always lurkin to expose itself for picking..
do whatever to overcome the fear, soon the temptation disappears..

life is full of choices,
its hard not to think hard
to try avoidin the wrong decision
but thats life
its hard..