Tuesday, November 25, 2008

slight updates..

its been a good week since updated blog..
finally watched "im legend" and it was quite good..
now im finally reading a damn good book called Brethen and wel,historical events are interesting..
its gonna be a busy two weeks with Form 6's Nostalgia Nite and SIC Youth rally coming up..

"HaPpy Holidayz"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A long Journey Home...

well,friend had a job for Form 6 people so ya,what the heck..
so in order to get to Bkt.Jalil, we formed a 3 car convoy..
which we wen instead of straight LDP and hit Sunway,we wen throughtout UM,KL and came back sunway toll and U-turn back to BKT.Jalil thanks to a friend of mine,but cant blame him la,without him,we were lost..

so while working, we all just was bored wei,but luckily had bala and rachel so 3 of us just kept walking around and talking...manage to watch bit of the federer/borg vs blake/macenroe match wei..quite good but ya.after the job,while waitin for my whole group,waited in the car for an hour sleepin or just lazing around..den drove back to PJ,had a drink,den off to Home..but it was good driving wei,cutting in and out of the convoy,scaring friends with the car horn,and driving with friends in the car..

well,people...its the holidays so enjoy it aint...
Happy Lazing Around..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hopefully time plays its part

when life needs a way,
somethings have to be erased,
in order to move on

well,just back from a school camp which have been lanning with bunch of people for the pass month..everything turn out great although some stuff didnt go according to plan but we got round it..along with bla and di sern,we became big bros for the weekend as in our clan,we had 3 form 1s who were so cool..and the whole weekend was good la..except for the beach,we had lyk 800m of mud between d sand beach and the water..our efforts to get to the water didnt last after 10metres...haha..besides that,it was cool..

still got Youth Rally 08 and nostalgia nite and musical coming up, so ya..still got stuff to do..its gona be a wild 2 months to come..

pain is something that just doesnt go away..something triggers a nerve and whole day could just turn 180..sometimes its best not to say anything..somethings other things just add and theres no way to release ny emotions,yet alone the right emotion...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


im back!!
well,its been a long tme since my internet wen down and i recently had it fixed..
its been crazy over the last few weeks and its gonaa be just as crazy for the next few weeks..
Liverpool are sharing the top spot at the top of the EPL!!
"Rising of the Red Phoenix"
running around alot for the upcoming form 6 events and also worrying about studies..
who said holidays was going to be a restfull time
WEIRD EVENT(a convo between B and a crazy gurl SW)
SW: so watcha doin out of class?wat period you having now?
B: sori la, guys no period..
SW: really?so you duno the periodic table la!!!
B: ...................................??!!