Friday, September 28, 2007

Clarence!you see the one in blue..!with the duck face!..haha..sori..his my big bro and looks like we'll only be see-ing him in 2 months time..we'll miss him banyak banyak..patrick will miss his partner-in-smelly-crime..i'll miss my head-shaking-partner-in-"we're all in this together"..
well,good luck dey in your studies and come back to us from time to time..
"Friends are friends forever If the Lord is the Lord of them"
Believe it!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

trials are done with...
now time for the results and frankly i got back my bm and moral and it was demoralising spm..after i got my bm marks,i have made up my mind dat for the next 40-50 days left til spm,I'm gonna push myself to do all i can while i can..i mean i have the potential to get all A's and B's..just have to keep striving...

a person once send me this msg...
"Winning means always striving to be better,different,first"

guess i have to like stop all my activities and hold em till spm over...
But the best part about sitting for trials,that even though it was stressful,it brought me and my gang closer as we just couldn't help but released stress with laughter..everyday we'll just moan but cheer each other up..and just hanging with my best friend,well,words couldn't express..

sometimes i feel so stupid that i get low marks for my exams..i can score in maths,English,EST,add maths,bio..physics and chemistry still on the save side..but BM,although i understand it but does it pay to just use simple bm during test..the meaning is there but i guess teachers want canggih punya ayat..sometimes its gives you hope yet it takes it away..sigh..moral another stupid subject as when the question ask "pada pendapat kamu,...?"..den u write and sometimes you get wrong..u ask the teacher and she says "itu skema pemarkahan" why the hell they ask you for your opinion and yet when you give it,they say wrong...just put la "mengikut skema pemarkahan,cuba tembak jawapan yang betul.." or just say straight la the question without the "pada pendapat anda" part..

Friday, September 14, 2007

Name 10 friends from the opposite sex..
  1. Evelyn
  2. Jo-ann
  3. Stephanie indonmee
  4. kathlyn
  5. rachelle
  6. hueiling
  7. asheelaa
  8. amanda
  9. nicole
  10. joycelin
Would you rather party with 1 or 7?
[1] evelyn. [7] Asheelaa
i say evelyn cause kinda party more with her..

Marry 2 or 6?
[2] Joann. [6] hueiling

Kill 3 or 8?
[3] Stephanie. [8] amanda
neither..they'll probably kill me 1st..

Date 9 or 10?
[9] Nicole. [10] joycelin
hard choice..nikki i'll prefer dating..

Make out with 4 or 7?
[4]kathlyn [7] Asheelaa

Cuddle with 6 or 8?
[6] HueiLing. [8] Amanda.
manda!my lil'pet sis!

Have kids with 4 or 5?
[4] Kath. [5] Rachelle
i say rachelle..we'll probably have blur,hyperactive,irritating,good looking kids and full of lameness..

Live with 1 or 9?
[1] Evelyn. [9] Nicole
Evie wins this as she is my best best friend...

Be stuck on an island with 2 or 5?
[2] Joann. [5] Rachelle
I say joann..cuz if it was with rachelle,the island itself will split in joann,more chances of survival..oh,we'll order satellite TV and watch Liverpool says You'll Never Walk Alone...

Trade lives with 8 or 10?
[8] Amanda [10] Joycelin
erm...nvr tot of being a either is ok..

Wake up next to 4 or 9?
[4] Kath [9] nicole
sori..only after marriage..

Completely disown 3 or 7?
[3] Steph [7] Asheelaa
You mad ah?neither...!!

they all have nice its a TIE..

its both evelyn and jojo

all hot so in order to stay alive,i shall not choose...

me to know and you to never find out..


evelyn..she kinda takes about two colours and does magic..

Has 3 ever hurt you?

Have you ever hurt 4?
i think i a sori kath!...

Who's the funniest?
oh,each have their special way of humour..but kath is the lamest la..

Can you beat up 8?
sori..i dun hit just aint right..unless for mat rempit or serial rapist which happens to be a girl...

When was the last time you saw 9?
yesterday,in skool..

Who's the smartest?
not sure..have to make them sit IQ test..

How long have you known 2?
[2]therese chow joann..
a year and a half..but we veli d close wan..Liverpool buddies mah..

What would you do if 1 and 6 started fighting?
[1]evelyn [6]Huei ling
sit down eat popcorn and watch cat fight..but its highly impossible for these two to fight..

Who is dating 6/crushing on?
hueiling..she crushes cans after finish drinking..hahahaha...

Does 7 smell good?
got smell ah?

Who will you still be talking to in 15 years?
hopefully All..but im sure few will last a lifetime

I tag : whoever reading this,haha..curiosity kills doesnt it!..

Friday, September 7, 2007


31st Aug 2007

after school,when to Shaun's place to hang out for awhile..we wanted for Evelyn then 3 of us when swimming in Shaun's was so refreshing..3 of us swam n i sumhow always was the last when we raced..haha..then,we when and bath etc..headed to the bus stop where we waited for the bus that never came to we took the bus to KJ station..met Melissa then had dinner..shaun's dad gave us a lift to Utama where we did shopping..then round 11.30pm..the 4 of us headed to The Curve for the fireworks..we arrived just in time and had a fantastic view..our necks were pain..then we sprays each other with foam spray..then took pictures..then headed home..turn out that patrick,jojo and asheelaa was there too but didnt bum into them.

to be continued..sumwhere in the distanced future

Hey There Mamak la!

sang in the tune of "hey there delilah"

Hey there mamak la,
Hows your roti canai with chilli,
Heard lots of people say they luv it,
And its so very spicy
Yes they do,
Listen to my voice as i start to drool
My stomach's true
Oh,its what hunger does to me
Oh its what hunger does to me
Eventhough i may be pretty far
I'll take LRT,AirAsia and proton cars
To come & have teh tarik here
Eat roti canai then order beer

haha...during moral test after i finish,got nothin do so just came up with dis..