Monday, February 18, 2008

Movie of the Month

one day,long ago in a galaxy far far away..
there live a man,hes name is achilles..(as people noe he is the one dat got shot in d heel and dies)..he lived a life full of torture and glamour and pampering..etc..his mother ang.jolly adopted him from an ulu kampung and raised him to be the best warrior he can be..

when mars was under attack from the planet venus..word was sound and archilles was named leader of the martian army...he gathered his team consisting of The PowderFull Gurls,The Blop,Captain Volcano,Bugs Duck and Daffy Bunny..they together with the martian army filled the battleship ships with lotz of ammo and got ready for their great battle..The Titanic the name given to archilles' ship set off leading the pack..soon the were in battle..great losses of life..PoWerFull Gurls kept killing Venus's Ships with rainbow lasers,blinding em with its great light..soon,the captain of the Venus fleet named Darth Star released his order to fire torpedos at the martian Fleet but only a few torpedos succeed to hit the targets..

Archilles and Darth Star battle one on one,mano a mano..pulling out his bow and missiles,archilles fired at darth star..darth star fought back by firing sharp pins back at archilles..soon,both man were tired out and with their last ounce of strength,they fought..archilles ran with his bow and darth star ran with his pin..archilles send the bow straight through darth star's body and that was the end of darth star..before he close his eye,darth star saw a tattoo on archilles leg saying while pointing at his heel "Strike here!"..and he strike it hard into the heel and soon archilles died..

And The Martians & Venusians lept fighting so The Planet Earth was placed in the middle of the 2 planets..and they lived happily ever after...

im bored so ya..unoe imagination aint dat bad ..till it overcomes you..haha..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

welcome back

wow, com was out for like 2 weeks..finally had it fix...i tell u,my job at lodtown white coffee is done and really it was a great start for a working life..met so many wonderful colleagues..but i tell u the stress level over there is quite the my good friend,liang jie,got me a job at a kindergarden as an assistant for the far the 2 days workin there,has been quite ok...

oh,on the 26th of january,attended the 1st formation for the upcoming World Youth Day..met up with Fr.Phillip Muthu and few assumption really after a long day workin on frieday(25TH),i was really zonk out and kept nodding of through out d seminar..den during praise and worship..a familiar song was played which is "Dip,Dip"..then as semangated as the rally team is,the youths of SIC did their moves and soon we were called to lead the crowd with the moves..damn,it was nice..

so,on friday last week,after the 1st day of work at the kindergarden,walked to evelyn's house and just spend time with her,last time we actually hang out like that was before SPM..we talked and laugh and just enjoy the time.. sat for my undang test yesterday..had to be at SS2 at 7am,then the van came and off we headed to the centre but turned out the driver had to go to 5 different metro centres to pick up we only arrived at the undang test place 2 hours later..then had to wait another 3 hours beofre my name was called..did the test,i was nervous at 1st but soon ok..and i was shocked by the results,i almost perfected the test and i did pass..