Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Shout through your heart,but ur too late,
darling,you give love a bad name"

Finally!!! after so long,i'm free to come online and blog again...

sori guys,been damn freaking bz..

15-16th june..
pergi sungkai with the rally gang and people...it was cool and so refreshing to get to a place free of pollution where the air is so clean...slept in tents...well,slept for oni 4 hours the most...went "swimming" in a 3-feet tall pool..sigh..then me,ian and patrick just wanted toshock ourselves,went into a hot spring which was 45 degrees celcius hot...it was nice..had BBQ and later P&W then people from ~06~ team just sat or lie on each other,to just tok and joke.

17th june...
celebrated early birthday...Cheese Cake!!!finally!! haha...ya,had tea den wen to open present..mostly all shirts but i got Liverpool Champions League away jersey..!!!haha...well,i just wanna thank all my friends that send me gifts too...luv ya all...

then,it was a busy week...yesterday,stayed back in skool,while waiting for alan keeven to finish his skool stuff and gift me a lift home...im in blue house,so i saw the blue house marching captains...when over to them to tok to em since v all knew each other den last year's blue house volleyball captain,nicholas,told me...

nicholas:brandon!did you hear?
brandon:hear what?
nicholas:you are the new volleyball captain!the other guy backed down...
(and this was the best part(sarcastic))
nicholas: oh,the inter-house games are in less than 2 weeks away!so next week,you got one
practice to try all the people out and choose your final team!
brandon:die la!!!

haha..well,hopefully this year,the volleyball thing will go fine and go finals and win gold!!after two bloody year of getting silver and loosing to green house twice,lets go get back that title!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

God & His Graces

Rally Team ~06~ aka my family

it jus was a perfect ending...i was so needing a camp lyk that after a long while away from this people...

we came as individuals

With God

with all the joy,laughter,and time & pain plus anger,

we became a family!

can't believe its been a year travelling with this guys & gurls...from my point of view,we really are not as what v started..each of us grew to become that person that was hiding inside..You guys are the best..farewell camp,just stepping on to the bus brought bac memories...still rmbr a year bac,doin the same but didnt noe nyone...it was a great camp..was kinda dissapointed that alan,sanjieev and clarence cudnt make it..

the 1st nite,v were able to watch both opening and closing nites of ~05~ & ~06~ teams...it lagi brought bac memories..still rmbr team A were bac stage just hugging each other before we started the rally off..den just watch d tapes..carol!how i miss u so!!..

i was so glad that that we saw the closing nite of ~06~ rally..v dressed as clowns sang "Thy Word" and "Friends"..just cudnt hold bac the emotions and just manage to control the tears..den of cuz,d main event was the baptism of new team in the pond..~06~ team jumped from the house into the pond..damn fun..lotz of scratches la..was really touched by the letters i receive from the new team and oso my team..of cuz,my guardian angel turn out to be aaron lee..haha..

i guess the hard work really paid off..manage to get 2 times leading praise and worship..especially d nite wen the parents of 07 team came..its was fantastic.

  • Aaron lee- Thanks for all the laughter and stupid jokes

  • Aaron lim-cha,u showed me dat the lil'things u do makes u great

  • Alison-you have just been a fantastic friends

  • Asheelaa-Journeying with you has been a blast and our frenship is one of a kind
  • Alan-Thanks for the support through the journey

  • Kevin-Ur always be my bro and partner in crime

  • Kathlyn-Thanks for being there wen i needed you & you were just wonderful

  • Jojo-You have been a major help in support and guidance.You'll Never Walk Alone

  • Starfish- Thanks for the advices and help,Big Bro

  • Belle-you teach me how to be brave

  • Noreen-your wonderful

  • Praveena Veronica Raj-wow,you really are a great gurl

  • Ivy-lotza good times with you.great leader

  • Danial-You taught me that people can change

  • Sanjieev-Thanks for the laughter and support

  • Valerie-you taught me that i have to just be me

  • Carolyn!-I have missed you alotz!You are just amazing la & theres not a moment where v cant go nuts together

  • Stephanie-indon mee with plenty of wonderful things.You have taught me lotz

  • Evelyn!!-i think i have learn and grew the most since i met you..you are just wonderful!
Lookin bac,i just cant imagine wat i'll be without God and the team..i guess im able to do so much more with the gifts and skills i hav learn from the team..sumhow,each of you have just have played a part to complete an amazing journey..i'll miss you guys lotz..love you guys lotz too..cya round

"Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet & A Light Unto My Path"

Friday, June 1, 2007

An outing after so long

aiyoyo..praveena & steph

praveena wants this im sure

asheelaa's magic trick...

yesterday,after so long..finally wen out wit few teammates..me,kevin,kathlyn,carmelia,asheelaa,belle,praveena and steph..we had lotz of fun..i tell u la kenny rogers roaster damn expensive..thats were the chicks were at..haha..nyway,ya..had lotz of fun..watch pirates 3 again..the gurlz didnt quite understand...me and kevin teaming up and killing them with sarcasm..nyway,hyere few pictures...