Thursday, July 26, 2007

Church On Fire

next sunday,5th august!
my confirmation day...
place:assumption church,PJ
time:8.30am(come early if you wanna get good seats)

last saturday,i missed jo-ann's IU/Installation day cause i got a confirmation retreat..well,when for was quite wonderful and beautiful..there was this particualr session where all the lights are off and its all dark except theres a cross in the middle of the class and candles lit around the cross..we were just suppose to think through our lives,our faith,the wonderfullness and beautiful way God made each of us..its was really touching..

few weeks back,my teacher told my class dat some people didnt quite understand the meaning of "church on fire" i just email her..

"Church on fire means just letting go and let the holy spirit light our hearts with the fire of God..just like at Pentecost,when the holy spirit came down on the disciples and they just went out and praised God..i can say that the song "church on fire",the lyrics just speaks for itself..its powerful message"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What a week!

finally able to come online and post again..

14th July
participated in the Assumption Futsal Cup with few of my sunday school gang..well,in my team,we had 6 boys and 3 basically 2 out of the 3 had to play for 5 games cuz the other was "injured"..haha..we had lotza fun..i manage to lyk score a goal..i was playing keeper and i saw one of the gurlz open, so i just chip the ball in and it was on the target of the goal so the keeper missed the ball and thats how i scored..haha.although we won once and lost 5 times but it was worth it and we never gave up..

16th & 17th July
Played volleyball for interhouse games..and i was captain for the blue house volleyball..haha..sory..nyway,my team won only once out of 4 games..but im damn proud of my team cuz we oni practice lyk 3 hours and half of them nvr played volleyball b4..we fought each team until we deuce them so many times..each game we lost my oni 2 points..
against yellow(won) : 15-10,15-7
against red(lost): 15-13, 17-15
against purple(lost): 15-10(we won this set),15-13,8-7(we lost this both)
against green(lost):15-13,15-13

well,since the volleyball started as a house game 3 years back, Blue house has entered the finals twice and i got 2 silver medals..this year we didnt enter but we manage to again become one of the two strongest teams to was really a wonderful tournament..

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Poem Of Girls

Girls are God's gift of love to men
Both as a companion & a friend
Caring plus loving
Their love thats never ending
Their advices that hits you with lotza meaning
For joy & laughter
For support & a crying shoulder
For unforgettable & happy times
To joking with you and teasing you and just relieving your mind
One rib from men God had taken
He turned it into a beautiful maiden
Just wonderful friends to make you feel fine
Just thanbkful to have them in this life of mine

Poem Of Girls

Thursday, July 5, 2007

"teacher open ur mind and the door to success, your job is to get through the door"

well,saw that phrase on one of the skool walls..i think its quite true la..well,theres this guy in class who either pontengs and if he is in class,he'll just i was really thanking the Lord that i wasnt dat guy..aris agrees with me when i told him that i was just thankful for havin a wonderful and balance all just sums up to being urself and ur efforts..

"not too bookwormed,
not too dumb,
not to free,
not to busy,
no need to be some schoolrule breaker,
but just have to be balanced"
yesterday,played rugby for,aris and kevin came late la so we had to joined a 5 dudes from 5 Angsana(1st class), except that these 5 guys look as though their parents lock em up in their room forever,lyk if they run 10meters,it'll be like 10km to em..seriously ya,we played,me,aris and kevin atleast tried to tackle and get the ball to the goal,but these 5 dudes,they werent much help...sori la..
well,finally can play was just fun la..haha...i too am quite rusty..
so ya,throughout the week,had fun in skool,me,joycelin,huei ling will go nuts&crazy wen three of us tok,den got bit studyin,tuition,hangin with frens..wednesday,before tuition,i n carol met and just spend time tokin..its been a long while since v met..miss you la,carol..
Wanna go watch Transformers again!!!its a special movie..haha..
miss the people who studies in srihartamas,assunta,DJ,USJ,summore other skools..and of cuz my gang back in Taman SEA..haha

Sunday, July 1, 2007

wow!what a nite!!

Happy Belated 17th Birthday Jojo!!

dearest jojo!!!
thanks for just been a great friend and a big part of the journey..your really sumtin out of the ordinary..hey,glad we got closer by sms..always will be my Liverpool cya round aites..."You'll Never Walk Alone"

oh,on my bday,vanessa came to SMK taman SEA just to c me and then go out wit camile...haha

whole week been bz here and there...Friday,was sports ya,helped out with blue house tent ,then,since im lyk in charge of the petugas Kooperasi Taman sea and the only form 5 senior..i had to supervice and lyk helped out and make sure things were open the kooperasi room,me,one other guy and few gurls had to move the ice-cream freezer box all the way to the other side of Blok A,cuz thats where our koop stand is evryyear for sports had to c stuff..den wen to warm up for my race,after warming up wit alan and frens,found out dat another fast runner was in my running team,so he kinda replace me..luckily he did,i was half-dead wen sports day finished..had to move all the freezer etc bac to the Koop room..unfortunately,for every 10 gud petugas,there'll be a bad attitude one..sum asshole,since his sister was the kelab kooperasi and he is only in the Koop for 6 months,i asked him for help wit arranging the tables,he told me " my job here is done"...den v kinda argued..i pushed the tables bac myself afta so angry d..all 3 Koop teachers cud see the tension d..well,dats life rite..

wen home,did house chores,den knockout on my bed...woke up for chem tuition..and after tuition,wen wit evelyn to watch Transformers!!!the show was the best show i have ever seen..the Camaro 09 was superb la..all the transformers robots were cool..but the best was still the Camaro 09 named Bumblebee(note:this robot is the yellow one in the movie)..and Megan Fox..damn shes damn hot la..

yesterday was jojo's bday party...wen there,ate well,oh,jojo,eve,asheela,kathlyn,vanessa,alison all look hot..well,ate,den danced..oh,i had to do 10 pushups topless cuz patrick and i made a deal that if he can get 5 sri hartamas gurls numbers in dat party,i'll do topless he did,and i did..haha..but overall was one of the best parties all year..thanks jojo,for a wonderful party...

today,wen sunday class were tokin bout our confirmation me and few friends told teacher dat we had a perfect theme for the mass "Church On Fire" teacher was excited too..she told other two confirmation class teachers and all agreed on the so happy..then,wen for gathering,did icebreakers..thank god ivy was able to tok so much,i was abit kaku infront...den had P&W,did backup..i lost my voice so patrick ask clarence to help me out...then,sumhow,i think jojo,alison and ivy was touch by the holy spirit,they were started singing loud..haha..then,had session and wen home..

wow!what a nite!!