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I'm just glad i have you

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It's a New Year

Cheers to change and a new perspective

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Aladdin The Musical

Aladdin the Musical, the performance that brings to life an all-time favourite classic of so many people, especially those born during the 90’s. From the simplicity of Aladdin, the bubbliness of his Royal Highness the Sultan, to the evilness of the Jaafar, the musical was a joy and an entertaining show.

The performers and dancers brought joy and dynamics that added to the fun and excitement of the story of Aladdin as he goes in search of life and also the love of Princess Jasmine. Each song sung and each note hit just pulled the audience's attention until they were sitting at the edge of theirs chairs. The evilness of Jaafar could be felt all around the amphitheater and it made audience react with anger and anticipation whenever he had a plan up his sleeves.

The music really got the audience tuned in with familiar songs that many could sing along to and move to the beat. I would say that bringing Genie, the beloved blue character that many people wished they had as a best friend in real life, to life would be a difficult job however I think that the directors did a fantastic job in bringing Genie to life as he fascinated and thrilled the crowd every time he came on stage, plus the beats of his entrance kept the audience wanting for more. Hats off to the actor that played Genie!

Aladdin – The Disney show that premiere in 1992 – has been one of the memories of my childhood. The simple nature of Aladdin, the loyalty of his best friend Abu, the friendship of trust with genie and the love between Aladdin and Jasmine, all made this movie an all-time favourite classic and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind sitting and watching the movie whenever it played.

Congratulations to the production team, the stage team, the actors and the dancers for a job well done in bringing this musical to life.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Picture

Just a picture of you can put a smile on my face and a certain calm in me

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sometimes the words don't speak the intentions

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You inspire me with your positivity
Really =)