Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our biggest fear is not that we are inadequate
Our biggest fear is that we are powerful beyond control
coach carter

~Physic Pays Off~

guess what..
the class of 6 AK came in 3rd place in the Taylor's College Carbon Dioxide Car Competition..
heres the funny story..

2 weeks before competition:
in the chem lab, pouring the chemical and solid together and creating tiny explosions in the lab..
car design still under process of thinking..

1 week before competition:
still blowing up the the right ratio of ingredients..

4 days before comp:
design of car still tak tahu..
but still exploding stuff..

3 days before comp:
our aim for distance of car movement is 1cm..
would be happy even if it just move abit..

2 days before comp:
macha, praying for the car to move 1cm..
we got positive results..

1 days before comp:
still exploding the lab..!!!
our aim is reached by our car..
new aim:1cm..then 1 inch..then 1 feet.. then 1 metre..
and our car is quite good..

day of competition:
practice session, car manage 25 feet(amazing and surprising!)..
but during the real competition..something bit malfunction but our team achieved 3rd place..
but my team was damn happy..why?
our aims were achieved:
1) a car that works
2) move pass 1 cm
move pass 1 inch
move pass 1 feet..
move pass 1 metre..

and we got interviewed by the taylor's and also its lecturers..
wat a day...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Take the Time

Imagine after weeks of running around and just busy..
Stress levels quite the high..
And worries till your head wanna burst..
got the picture??

take some time of and just think of something take can help give you that "no worries" feeling..
something that can help you and give you some inspiration when you are feeling bit on the low..
and if its something you can do,then just go for it..

last friday..
due to tuition getting cancelled..
was able to attend Praise and Worship in church..
and just for that one hour, it helped in a way..
it really felt so good too as i been waiting to go for it..

so sometimes stop to smell the roses..

Peace Out!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


sometimes its hard to cope with things..
Pressure is sometimes a enemy..
and when it comes from alot of directions,its adds up alot to intense..
gotta figure how to deal with it..