Monday, April 14, 2008


1st of all,the 2nd formation of World Youth Day done by ASAYO

met up with JYm people at church early in the morning,then convoy to stella maries school for the formation...check in and soon the whole event started..1st was praise and worship then MR.Jude did his talk,we had the Everything skit which always touches me..its really beautiful..soon all the breaks and talks all kicked in..then ASAYO had The AMaZzing Race..i was in team 6 and the people in the team were cool la..1st,as team leader,had to like put my hand in a bucket containing crickets to get a marked 5sen coin..then all the teams started the team chillin only la..all working sama-sama..then had to find stuff,drink bandung with wasabi and egg..but the coolest part was running in the rain with the team and we all semangat singing in the rain while racing..haha..all soaked from head to toe,we headed to the finish line as a group(we made a decision that everything we do,we do as a team),we came in 2nd overall and just few minutes behind the 1st was a cool race la..then the highlight of the evening was the meditation and silent time,it was really very deep and moving..den most of the team,hang out in the chatting area just having fun till the early hours of sunday..den off to sleep

as the SIC clan had to get back early to church for the sponsored all got up early and left..after the mass,we ate and headed on our way to stella maries..and dearest Kevin led us to dunno where,searching for smart tunnel..nothing against Kevin as it was really fun drive..stop at a couple of warehouses before heading back to was a really fun weekend..

then the next weekend,
we had a fund raiser and was doin a cafeteria..
jojo,me,sanjieev and chloe went back to chloe's house ,thanks to michael for transport..we were cooking cabonara..well,sanjieev and chloe did most of the cooking and also ian helped..joann was one corner geting excited with her lightsaber which was a knife sharpener..after awhile,joann and i wen to laze and get sum rest before we all wen to church for mass and to set up for cafeteria..after dat,headed bac to the kam's,headed to mamak for dinner then backed to cooking till like 3am before i snoozed off,slowly followed by joann,den sanjieev and up and packed for church,set up the stall den started business..we were damn bz and i was tired grinding cheese as sum dear friend brought such a big cheese grader then it was only bout 5cm spend lots of time grading the cheese,but we manage to sell all of carbonara..tiring la wei..