Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Laughter after a long silence!

"Friends are friends forever if the Lord is the Lord or them"

yesterday,wen to patrick's house wit kevin,kathlyn,jojo,evelyn and stephanie just to hang round..not actually to hang round but to hang round..haha..nyway,1st patrick came to pick me after picking jo-ann,to go his house..we were lyk joking and laughing all the way to patrick's..arrive there,den 3 of us tok..soon,steph and evie came...5 of us had fun chattin and laughing and its been a long time since v last did dat..soon kevin and kathlyn joined in the fun...oh ya,i scared jojo with a Lighter...haha..i just had to move the lighter next to her and she'll jump for joy..haha..den wen home den wen tuition..

This short poem is dedicated to my dearest ~06~ team and my dearest schoolmates

Friends remain forever friends,
If next to your heart is where you place them,
Slowly it builts,
Just for the bottle of trust to fill,
soon comes joy and laughter,
sometimes even anger,
but what makes a friendship great,
is the wonderful love between that was made,
God gave everyone a miracle,
some a boy maybe a gurl,
people who would help you out,
never with a doubt,
some people say nothing last forever,
what dumb people because to me "true fiendships last forever"
im thankful that i have many friends who i love very much,
with all the distance,the best is to stay in touch,

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bounty Hunters!

yup...thats wat my treasure hunt team's name!
2.Liang Jie
VR The Bounty Hunters!!!!

haha..yup,yes'day wen for pirates of caribbean treasure hunt..met two teams from taman SEA..all together there were 15 teams plus the celebriti team which makes it a total 16 teams..
our 1st clue was actually to find Capt.JAck Sparrow in Borders..of cuz they didnt tell us it was Borders(they just said double-level store)..run throughout the whole store but couldnt find him..v finally found him right in the bac of the store( OMG!!!)..den the 2nd task split my team..camile and dian wen to do one while me and liang jie took the hair stunt..he had to style my hair like one of the models in the shop..v finish that under 2 mins..then,had to wait for the gurls to finish theirs..precious time wasted..oh well,den had to find the Red Roadrunners and guess wat song their playin...thankfully my sis was able to guess it 1st time...den,v had to do stuff lyk count how many freaking flying skulls in Tropicana Life store,Walk the Plank, Liang jie had to eat a plate of pasta and i Had to eat a bowl of laksa(damn Nice wei..fav stunt), find a small freaking country on the world globe, and summore la..

then the last one came,our task was to finish the basket of food which had bananas,honey dew,sum salted sotong,a tomato, sum damn freakin yucky vegetable(which was the most amount in the basket),2 potato bun and 6 creamcrackers and all were like soggy cuz the just put the wet fruits wit it...had to eat the darn vege,almost vomitted lyk 4 times(sori..mesti drama sikit)..at the end..v just wen bac slowly to the finish line..so many times,me and liangjie ran to the right place ahead of other teams but had to wait for the 2 gurls who were trying their best to hurry up but was slow(told u exercise but no,nvr listen)..haha..nyway,v finished lyk 10 out of 16 but it was worth it...

afta the whole race,v got free movie tickets to Pirates Of The Carribbean:At Worlds Ends..met patrick star there wit his sister..was suppose to follow him yamcha after the movie but my parents didint let..the movie was the best!!...
there;s one part Jack Sparrow wen " Stop nobody movie!!I lost me brain!!"..aiyo,real cracker la..

wen practice today & guess wat..my two angels were wearing skirts..haha..eve and carol..oh well,both look great..wen for prac,had a glimpse of the newest team..did praise and worship prac and meeting after that..well,finally wen to eat lunch wit starfish,allan, and asheelaa at 5pm!..haha..

Just cant wait for training camp!!..yo,carol!miss you la gurl!

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Fantastic Song

Kau tahu betapa ku sayang padamu,
hanya bidadari sebagai ganti,
hanya takdir menentukan ia,
oh,belaian jiwa

sang dis song today as me,kevin(bass),Ken Wynn(drums),Aris & raymas(both guitar) and our lady evelyn (piano)...well,the band actually did 4 songs but i oni sang 1 but its cool with me cuz mine was the best hit of the day..haha..seriouly it was..was backstage wit evie and den both of us had flashbacks of the Youth Rally...it was so amazing how far v have climb since the rally...

The day started off slowly..1st v did sound check and last minute practice den just hanged backstage until 10 for the special dedication preformances to our dearest teachers...v got to c alot of the preformances as ours was the last and best...den,v just when bac to our unisex toilet backstage and got redi..den,sum ppl wen n do BEP's "where is the love?" rap so me,kevin and the band just dance to the song wit all kinds of moves v made up..den it finally came...

fist played sum chinese song..of cuz i didnt sing as i oni noe how to curse in chinese..haha..so,the 2nd song was mine..its Belaian Jiwa..It was amazing..the dewan was so full..it brought bac alot of memories..well,guess i'll hav more in the future..

oh,liverpool lost n im so sori jojo,nvr reply ur msg cuz outta credit...i oso was damn freakin upset...so i feel ur pain jojo,bout the match..
"Hold on with hope in your heart,for You'll Never Walk Alone!"

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Belaian Jiwa

Kau tahu betapa ku sayang padamu,
Hanya bidadari sebagai ganti,
Hanya takdir menentukan ia,
Oh, Belaian jiwa

Well,the last two days,spend most of the time in the dewan practicing with my band which is me,kevin,kenwynn,,evelyn and aris,the songs we are presenting on teacher's day.

This time,im oni singing one song although they are playing four..its cool la..nothing against them..just gonna pluck my guitar in and just strum along although im a rookie beginner..its been cool..so excited bout tomorrow...

Just feel bit empty..dun reli noe why la..but it sometimes seems that your pushed to the side.. i mean sumtimes just being ignored when you give ur suggestions..well,guess have to face the facts,stay stong with my head high and move on...

Just found out that im oso gonna be racing against two teams from taman SEA in the Pirates of the Caribbean treasure hunt this saturday...aint dat cool or wat..haha..

Monday, May 21, 2007

What A Surprise

quoted by aaron and kevin
"the Best is the Truth,only the Truth and Nothing But the Truth"

well,its true after goin true a whole weekend of facing the truth...im so glad ths misunderstandings are cleared...i guess when i wen for the gathering after so long,it was God telling me that life will only get better...i do believe that...

Michelle and A.pat
"jo-ann,brandon..come for awhile,eh,next gathering u 2 do Praise and Worship ok"
i almost floated off the ground...im doin it,dun care d...haha...

it'll be the last gathering that will be incharged by ~06~ team so im glad I got this chance...one day after that gathering wud be the farewell camp for the ~06~ team...sigh...

i'll always rmbr
"Thy Word is the Lamp unto My Feet and the Light unto My Path"

~keep in mind that many things can be solve by lifting and talkin to God bout your problems cuz no matter where u r or when u do it,He is always there to listen and guide you..~

Exams are over!

exams are up...
well,hopefully i do well...
tomorrow not goin skool so can sleep in...
had a very busy weekend...

finally was able to go for youth gathering yesterday...
something that i miss alot and it just felt so right...
its one place i can go to and not worry bout my problems...
its one place i love goin to...
miss all my teammates and i cant wait for the training camp coming up...
its gonna be a blast!!!...

have to go tuition now...sigh...

Friday, May 18, 2007

lifes lifelike,
the sounds fade out of sight,
here sitting and wondering,
bout all thats happening.
life and its confusion,
sumtimes feels like an illusion,
to move on every day,
through the month of may,
the wonder bout friends,
most the friendship that meant,
life feels empty,
even round everybody,
the wonder of moving on,
laying it all down,
moving on,
waiting for the glimpse of a new dawn

Exams Are Almost Done

Sumtimes telling the truth is harder than it seems
hey,i only have one exam paper left...its addmaths...
well,yeah,its sumtin to jump around..
but i kinda hurt a close fren of mine although i just spoke my mind...
im kinda sori but i had to...
i had to make sure that both of us noe where we are in a friendship...
i reli hope you understand and we can leave the past in the past and move on...
its hard to understand but sumhow i hope u do...
well,soon gonna try to learn how to play guitar although i would prefer the drums cuz its fun...haha...sejarah exam was good n i reli hope i get high marks...
to my rally gang,miss u guys n hope things aight...
to my class gang,lifes been a blast

Monday, May 14, 2007


Martin Luthor king once said
"Intelligence plus character is the key to success"

well...whole weekend kinda studyin sejarah...not bad huh..found sejarah quite interesting..haha..but the best part of saturday was dat i was able to meet up wit jojo,danial,praveena and asheela for awhile..when to novena,den met danial and surprised jojo..of cuz asheela cannot surprise la..she wun react wan..haha..(she gona kill me)..after dat wen football,reli outta stamina la...haha...well,all i noe is im gona play futbal at training camp...and of cuz study oso la...haha

well..today,sat for EST 1 & 2 plus sejarah paper 1...can u believe i finished the sejarah paper in 20 minutes summore hardly tembak..EST was a nut to crack la..the essay me and my friends all confused so hopefully can get an A la..

well,although wit all the exams goin on,i guess there still alot of confusion and all..bout life and whether ur on the right path..well,i guess all of us are living on the right path...where we are suppose to be rite...

2mrw,Bio paper 2 and english...well,gonna write my heart out for both papers...haha...

guys,lets go yamcha dis weekend if can!haha

Friday, May 11, 2007

welcome to wherever you are,
this is your life,you made it this far,
welcome,you gotta believe,
that right here right now,
your exactly where your suppose to be

well,exams hav been quite ok...chemistry lyk totalled out...imagine paper 1 n 2 were harder than paper 3..haha..addmaths quite ok...well..hope all me frenz exams are fine too...

Ppl! Guess what!...me,my sister,sister's fren and my couz manage to enter the pirates of the caribbean treasure hunt at the curve,cineleisure and ikano on the 26th may...yes'day,went with my sis to ikano to get her fren's form..then 3 of us went round the place hoping to get familiar with our way round the curve since its still brand new...haha..freakin big la...so frenz,make sure come support..haha...

i wanna play drums! so long nvr play d...im quite good you noe...haha...wen to skool and during PJK exam(they ask the boys bout bola jaring wen 1.we dun play that sport 2.they dun even teach)..i sit hear the window so finish exam..was lookin out and saw mr.alan keevan on the ground floor of next block...he and 3 frens dunno wat they doin then alan locked one of his frens in the perabot room while other 2 frens shut the door...den sumone shouted "Pn.Gowri!" for duno wat reason..all 4 of them ran for their lifes..me and my frens were laughin our heads off..summore my class was having exam...

"life can be fun at the hard times...so keep going and nvr quit..."

Sunday, May 6, 2007

When you wanna give up,
and your hearts bout to break,
remember that your perfect,
God makes no mistakes.

its sung by bon jovi

well,ya,couldnt go for the gathering today in SIC cuz had a visit to an assunta daycare centre..well, for starters i wore me rally shirt...gaya...whoo..haha..well,went to sunday school had fun talkin with teacher and my classmates...then went to mass...went for lunch in McD..

at 2, my sunday school class gathered at church and left in a group of cars to the centre..well,1st looks,i really thought the place was run down and all but it wasnt...the kids there were like 7 up to 17 years of age...evrithing started slowly cuz as usual evriones shy at 1st...my teacher ask us and the kids to introduce ourselves...1st we were suppose to give a session of school tuition but turns out the centre was having a jumble sale so no tuition...so v had a lot of time to spare...

then,i ask the teacher teresa whether me and few friends can come up with a skit...she said go ahead so since being the expert,i thought my friends "I'hv been shota"!!!well,melanie played the mum,cedric played the son and edwin was the shooter...and of cuz i was the director...haha...the skit went well although we practiced it in lyk 20 minutes...chunted haha...den after that,i ask my actors to go to the kids and pull them to take over the roles...we even had "i hv bn shota" tamil version!!...it was cool...

i was also incharge of games that day, so ya, i and few friends set up the station for the games...sumhow after all the explanation i gave, it became a mess but sumhow evrione was havin lotz of fun...i lost my voice...it felt so great to bring joy to ppl...yo,guys,next time after form 5 v make it a usual thing go IJ convent and daycare centres to visit k...its was so fun...

after that,i went to my godpa's house for tea...they just came from US...so visit la...had tea and laugh joke and silence now and then...i got a damn big pack of M&M's...and a pocket knife/screwdriver/plier/small saw all in one set...haha

chemistry paper 3 and bm paper 2 2mrw but im updatin u guys....haha...how la chemistry...need sumone to help me out wit it...Stephanie!i need ur genius mind for chem!....haha

chiaos,take care..
Jesus, take the wheel,
Take it from my hands
Cause I can’t do this on my own,
I’m letting go,
So give me one more chance,
Save me from this road I’m on,
Jesus, take the wheel

I have missed my team a lot this pass few weeks…its been few weeks since I saw the people that have changed me life in many ways…somehow I wish that our term wont end…well, like Patrick quoted “every good thing must come to an end”…love you guys to bits and its been a slow long while since we have met…the laughter are whispers now…but the joys and memories are still alive…eve and carol, I just have to look into the stars and you two will pop into my head…well, Joann, I just have to watch Liverpool, and you’ll pop in…haha…You’ll Never walk alone…well, basically something will remind me of a person in the team…example: sumone say OUTPUT then straight away I’ll think of Patrick and Clarence…no need ask why…!..well, its gonna be awhile until I can see you guys again…maybe the next time we meet is farewell camp…luv you guys a lot…

Well, its been an up and down week…sat for moral exam, as always I’ll never study for moral, but the words just kept coming into my head and I wrote all down…haha…no need study also can…haha…then after recess, its bio paper 1…my class paper dunno what happen until my class started the exam 30 minutes late…manage to understand quite a good number of the questions…

Went home, fell asleep…woke up at 4.30 and went chemistry tuition…aiyo, half of what the teacher said confused me…haha…well, hopefully I’ll managed chemistry the whole year…help needed for chemistry…then had to like send dunno how many sms to Sunday skool frens just to get the games for this weeks visit to some daycare center...i think credit down like mad…

Well, going Sunday school and also gonna visit the daycare centre for kids…bring them joy…wish my team could come…but some things I have to be strong and move on…
On Thursday, went to the library with nikki, feiyan and Rachel…well, manage to catch up with nikki on life…she’s still my best friend since form 2…manage to study history…

“one thing is clear, I wear a halo…”…love that song…

"Thy Word is the Lamp unto my Feet and a Light unto my path”

Love all you rallymates…

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Got Cheated out and ready for revenge!

just wanna thank evelyn,kathlyn and jojo for thier support,it made my day...it did put a smile on my face even with such a day...luv u gurlz to bits...

well...as most SIC ppl noe theres the Inter-BEC games comin up...
and on march11, my BEC leader approach me to ask me to join the football team...well,basically put together the entire team..so ya,in terms,i got the captaincy of the team...so ya,there was a guy in the team where even my parents noe he wasnt good news..let call dis guy R..but i cudnt do nytin bout it...

basically yes'day..my entire team met at the field...it rain on that nite before the competition...so the field was all muddy and the mud was inches thick...haha...well,if u kick the ball over the mud,it'll move 2 feet from u so basically u gave the ball to the opponents..

1st game...since my goalie had a team formation in mind so i let him to the talkin...5 minutes into the game, my team was gettin frustrated wit the mud..R call me to be substituted out...wanted to yell at him n tell him hu gave u power to take me out...but i just kept it in since it was a church comp...
2nd game,i just let myself be a substitude so later in the game,i call make a difference in speed..i came in and got the closest chance in the game..but goalie safed..few times ball got stucked in the mud few times so cant control much...just gettin the rythm,den one uncle from my BEC called me out of the team when i was the only one tryin to get front...

well,my team manage to win the competition..but i didnt reli feel the xcitement as R and the unle kinda took control over evritin even though i talked wit them few times...i just felt lyk throwin my boots and both of them...i was lyk f**ked up bout the whole situation...

found out today,dat this idiot uncle had the guts to say i cant play futball at all..luckily i wasnt at the BEC meet anot i would have fired his ass off...im probably one of the best but u didnt give me enough time to get into the bloody game and wit a futbal pitch in dat condition and u dare open ur bloody mouth...one day,i'll put ur money where ur mouth is...just wait..

wait la,i pull out of evritin in the BEC n c la wat'll happen to it all.

You'll Never Walk Alone!!

Hold on,Hold on
With Hope in ur heart
And you'll never walk alone
you'll never walk alone

liverpool beat chelsea...as for me,now me gona guide u through the action

The game at anfield was wonderful,the atmosphere wit the millions of liverpool fans all over the stadium singing wit love for the best football club in the world...den out came the players of Liverpool and the ah-peks of chelsea...game got onthe way...liverpool controllin and den won a free kick...Gerrard(jo-ann's bf) step up to take it,he passes it to Agger who took the shot...and GOAL!!!!...slowly liverpool work their way up but chelsea was lucky to take the game to extra time...

Extra Time!
den liverpool scored again but stupid blind linesman ruled it offside but hey,the Kop was still singing....den wen on to penalty shootout..

The Shootout
Liverpool Chelsea
Zenden In Robben Miss
Alonso In Lampard In
Gerrard In Geremi Miss
Kuyt In

Brandon,my parents,jo-ann(i think) and the whole bunch of liverpool supporters jumps up down until tired...den 15 mins later,all dah ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ........haha