Friday, April 22, 2011


In life, we have paths to journey,
in order to travel steadily
a certain code is advisable for the traveler,
a code that can help you in the journey,
a code that will mold you into someone for the future,
a code that you believe in,
a code that you trust,
a code that works for you and you it,
a code that will strengthen you,
a code that inspires

In life, sometimes rules are made for you to follow and sometimes you make rules for yourself to follow,
Whatever the rules you choose to live by, be strong in it and it will form you into that image you deem right for yourself.
Like a map, it'll guide you through life.

Steady Your Hand

Just glad that life is the way it is,
Despite the challenges and difficulties,
You can find a solution to any problem or a idea for a thought,
Just keep looking and don't stop

*one's person strength can influence another to be strong*

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


you make me smile
and i'm glad that i can make you smile

thank you