Sunday, August 31, 2008

a time of different stuff

libarian week was a success..
we pulled off a great presentation despite all the headache and tempers..
its realli a great start to the form 6 life..
meeting new frens and getting closer to my current(haha) frens..

a new road appears and its not that bad..
from the road we took over the few years,
slowly by slowly,we can see theres a change in all of us and theres a growth..
some big some small..
each taking different and choice-maked steps..
and its a good sight..

Friday, August 22, 2008

Time & Tide

In time of need and faith seems small..
Make a WISH,make a DREAM..
got it?
Good, keep it alive and believe in it with all your heart..

Monday, August 18, 2008

we all got HIGH in genting...

the ones that made the difference

well, just came back from a weekend at genting.. wen there as part of Kooperasi Club..and it was really something closer to people who i know and met new people afer school,rushed to get my stuff and get on the bus..the trip to genting was ok,not really amazing but we got there,took the cable car all the way to the top and it was fun yelling out the cable our room keys and headed of to the rooms..we wen to snowworld where it was cold and reminded me of sydney cold,i miss aussie..well,getting snowed in the face was really something shocking menoking...haha..freaking cold dey once it hits ur face..then we wen walking around and my group reli wanted to eat something that wont burn our wallets and we turn to Mamak stall..had to walk all the way to the other side of the place and it was reli far..had a good meal at mamak..and our wallets were happy too..haha..had real fun in the rooms..all the interesting things that happen..haha..few of us wanted to catch a midnite movie but in the end,really last minute, we backed out and instead we wen nuts hanging out at the genting fountain..good times dey..knock off bout 4am and the next day came, we wen nuts in the theme park..1st timer of roller coasters so had to go on all including the Flying Coaster which was the best..and of couse the solero shot!! was really a good time and a few of friends really made the trip good.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Light of Faith

well,the World Youth Day had finally come and gone..seriously,it finished bout 4 weeks ago..haha..all the hard work really paid off..1st, we were of to Singapore Airport to catch our flight to brisbane..had like a 4 hour transit which most of the group slept off..then it was time for our 8hour flight to Brisbane and manage to watch Street was a cool but slightly confusing movie..haha..landed and as we stepped out of the airport,frozen headed of to St.Bernadine parish where we were welcomed and assorted to our host families..really, BRisbane was seriously so different night, the stars are so bright and it was just a nice place to chill out..its like every moment in brisbane was chilling time and im not tokin bout the weather..after few days in brisbane, we said goodbye and headed for sydney via it was like a 14 hour bus trip but it was a good bus trip..WYD time!!!the opening mass at Barangaroo..the times we had to take bout 3 trains to just get to one place..our trip even took a 2hour journey to arrive at one place..did the Dikir Barat preformance which it really turned out so well..oh, forgot to mention, we were lucky dat we were allocated to host families again as the college didnt really have any heaters or hot waters and as people from a hot country, pray hard...haha..then we wen for the 10 km pilgrimage walk to Randwick Stadium where we had an outdoor under-the-stars sleep out..then, it was time to rush to the airport and get back to malaysia but 1st we had to touch down in singapore again and this time,it was a 9 hour transit..once back in m'sia, just kinda miss the copld of aussieland and the experience was reli sometin i wun forget..2 weeks of unforgettable experiences...