Sunday, April 29, 2007

When the stars go blue...

"Where do u go when ur lonely?,
where do u go when your blue?,
where do u go when your lonely i'll follow you,
When the stars go blue!"
"can still remember that starry night when 2 gurls and a boy was walkin during the youth rally ~06~, they looked up to the stars and saw the magnificence of being a creation of God"
hey,peeps...watsup...well,today as i was goin to sunday school in assumption,i just couldnt help but wonder bout my ~06~ team and the youth sponsored i smsed jojo and she told me it was great...wished i was there...
nyway,had fun in sunday school too...joking round with frens and all..den when to eat nasi kandar at state ..damn full d..den went to "times book warehouse sale" i was excited to go c for new physics books...went there n was shocked at the amount of books was so unorganised..checked out few books and bought lyk 3 books...haha...den bought a jersey just for futball...den!out of the corner of my eye!i saw a shirt!!...the best shirt i eva did was...The Team Shirt of Rally Team 06...haha..saw jo-ann was so co-incidental as v were sms-ing each other...
so i just for the fun,called jo-ann's hp while she was lookin at the books..we were opposite each other btw..she picked up...
Brandon:helo,jo-ann...look infront of u...
she looked straight and duno where she lookin
Brandon: err...look alil'bit to ur right...hehe
den finally she saw me...haha..(jojo so gonna kill me...i exaggerated this incident abit)
Inter-BEC football tournament in 2 days...exams starting on bloggin here...die la...adapavi!...haha

Friday, April 27, 2007

"every obstacle in life i guess its god's way of getting us prepared for the future"

well,lifes been so hectic...well,sometimes i feel lyk im not reli doin my part in chem tuition teacher told my class last week "in Asian countries, we are trained in schools to rmbr evry bloody word in the book when actually schools are for helping u to build and become more creative in life"..well,guess v all agree..well,sometimes u wonder,are u using the special talent specifically given to you by God?...well,for me,i hope one day,i'll get a wonderful job where its hands'on work n not paperwork cause fixing and making stuff is one of my gifts..

the future is so scary as u'll worry bout whether you'll become a success or failure in life..
"the biggest failure in life is to give up and not try again"

the other day, during the easter party,all those worries in my head were like gone for the moment..singing "friends" and Thy Word brought back so many memories..i'hv missed the team lyk mad and i guess its gonna be long while before i can c u ppl in the team due to exams(which i hardly studied for...yikes) and me being in assumption...luv u ppl...

well,im gonna be captain for my zone's inter-BEC football team...its been studies...but im keeping my head up and still being confident...i might not do dat well in dis term(gonna try to score high) but im confident wen SPM trials come, the the speech of spongebob squarepants...I' M READY!!!I'M READY!!!!...haha

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


last year's may,i would nvr thought that a month later i was gonna be in the yar,i approach un.richard and ask whether i could be in the team,well,aris kinda helped me get in..den few days later i got a call saying im in the team...and from dat moment,my life change to the max...found friends that halp me in so many different ways and friendships where i noe it'll last a veri long time...well,soon strangers became friends den slowly it became a family...although v all dun reli noe much bout each other lyk backgrounds,etc...but sumhow,there was dis bro/sis luv between all of us...

my bro & partner-in-crime of lameness and sarcasm
obviously kevin

my big bros
1. patrick starfish
2. clarence ducky
3. alan keevan
4. sanjieev

my angels!

well...there are many more ppl but no time to write yet...its been a wonderful unforgettable journey...full of laughter...excellent advisors to get u back on track wen u fall...always there for u...its been a hell of a journey...its gonna be a long time since i 'll c u guys again because i cant come due to studies and all...

"friends are friends forever if the Lord is the Lord of em"
"Thy Word is the lamp unto my feet and The Light unto my path"

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My 1st blog?

Damn!!!its my 1st Blog!!!

so guys expecially couz n ~06~rally me through...haha...

brandon here...17 years...lifes ok...u noe wat...wen i can think of sumtin to publish..i'll let u noe..haha...rite now,im blanked out...