Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Passion

yesterday,mark the day known as Good Friday..
a meaningful journey of our Lord to calvary..
A day many Catholics keep sacred..
A day when victory comes in sorrow and sadness..
A day when the truth was revealed..
A day leadin to redemption..
Good Friday marks the end of the rule of darkness
and leads to a day where the light shown brightly

Saturday, March 15, 2008



uncle paul took me,sanjieev and joshua 07 to eat seafood..met in church then ran in the rain to reach the we wen to Lala Chong we ordered crab,prawn,LALA,vege and damn good!!!!...we cudnt really move cause we 're so damn full..but had to go home..

well,part 2 of spm day..
so after coming back from skool,me,khenglin,kevin,pra,patrick and ash headed over to jojo's..her place in lovely except for the view of construction places near wen swimmin all la..refreshing and relaxin..R&R..haha..just keep swimming,swimming,swimming..haha..den wen up and bath and all,den dinner time..lotza thanks to the Chow clan for dinner..challenged patrick in chess and he nicely beat me wen he told me he dunno how to play kononnya..then came home and jump on my bed..nitey lights out..lets go swimming soon!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Surprise till i stood still

entered the gates of SMK Taman SEA for the 1st time since SPM ended..had to wait an extra one hour for results although i wen there one hour ok had time to meet up with my clan and my other groups..long time never see lo..nyway,once en.alan came down for the announcement that we soon be able to go up and take our results,all went to a straight line and slowly headed to the respective classes..lagi more tension la wen had to line up slowly infront of my class teacher to take results..then after signing some stuff,my teacher handed my results to me and i stood still for few seconds as my eyes move up and down the paper..i got damn good!!haha..
guess the hardwork paid off!!
thankyou to all my teachers and friends and my family for inspiring me to do well..

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Something Different

well,im back on blogspot and really aint gonna make some story up..haha..

yesterday,was something unique as ASAYo did an overnite vigil in ya,wen for it and really was amaze that there were 520 people there..the crowd was so big we had to move rooms and open up the movable walls so there was space..the running around was crazy but fun..
alot of people from different churches came,some from kl,klang,china and even Nigeria..met this one dude from africa and really i was nice tokin to him..

so the vigil started with icebreakers and in 4 different languages,it was fun..then 'pharoah pharoah' was bout to be played,they ask for people to show the moves and we gave em our chairpeople to lead us..haha..alan and his "pharoah pharoah"..

then few of us helped to guide the peole to the sessions according to their wanted languages..logistics again..haha..after that,the crowd headed to the rooftop for supper and so i helped patrick and michael with some logistics..then we had a very different unique way of the cross as throgh each station,they showed the Passion according to the stations...really it was a show i didnt want to see as it was unoe painful to watch..then we wen to just have a quiet time in the church..then we had the mass..and by 7am,it was ended,people wen home and i jumped on my bed as soon as i got home..really it was something to remember..

"just somethings in life that approach us as something we cant answer"
"no matter what life seems empty without few things"